Killer Smile

I Don’t Know

What to write here anymore.

So I do have some plans this weekend.  Today was a failure, but tomorrow I’m going iceskating (I know, exciting!) if I feel well enough, and the day after I’m seeing Juno with three of my friends.  Very exciting.  And yes, lots and lots more “I Love You Because” listening.  Everything else on my iPod is just a bit unappealing, which is unfortunate but whatever. 

An extra big shoutout to SETH for being the most amazing first blog commenter : )

 Er . . . yeah.  That’s it.  I guess.  Love you all.  Comment, read constantly.  Make me happy : D


More I Love You Because Obsession . . .

Yes, I’ll admit it, I  listened to “I Love You Because” a full three times today.  Yes, obsessed is a good name for me.  Here’s my favorite line from each song . . .

Nevermind.  I don’t really want to write eighteen different verses from each song.  Blehh.  My kitty kat is sitting next to me.  Very cute.  Mwah.  I still need to make plans for 28/30th . . . well 30th may be taken up but if anyone is interested in hanging they’re welcome to come along, which reminds me that I forgot to call someone . . . shit.  Oh well.  I’m glad to be back home from family, it’s been too long away from home. 

My tripod works beautifully with my camera.  I may start a vlog on my YouTube page.  That would be kind of cool, but I don’t think anyone would watch it and it wouldn’t be very interesting since I don’t really have anything to talk about and I dont’ want to just be another teen vlog on YouTube that doesn’t have any purpose, like some chick I found.  I want fame and glory, goddamit!  Is that too much to ask?  Meanwhile I suppose I’ll go into school and finish my movie, which sucks for the record.  Which is very unfortunate, not to mention depressing. 

I found a cool inscription on the book my English teacher lent me (have I mentioned how remarkably powerful it is, to read a book with a lot of history that you semi-know about?).  From her dad to her mom, Valentines Day 1993.  I wasn’t even 1 yet, and I think she was about 9.  Cute. 

Friend and I may write this disability play for this VSA Arts competition, winner gets 2000 dollars, a trip to DC, and their play preformed at the Kenedy Center (very prestigious).  I want to try for it, but I don’t think I’ll stand a chance if I’m left to write a play alone.  For one thing, it definitely won’t get done.  For another, it won’t be very edited and therefore not very continuitous.  We’ll see how this works out.  I really want to do this but I  have a lot of doubts about getting this done by April.  We’ll cross our fingers.

 Comment, etc.



Was that a comment I spotted?  I dunno who it was from cause they forgot to leave a name, but thanks loads :)  As of today my whole family has a Facebook (sis got one today, and we are now friends.  I was, of course, her first wall post).  And, if you were wondering, I am still listening obsessively to I love you because, my favorite line is:

 “I’ve got lots of friendships/but this one transcends/all the ones in which I don’t get laid/and that’s why we’re just friends” It’s got a nice ring to it, don’t you think? 

I still neglet all of my vacation-ish homework, such as really editing my essay or working on my science PBA.  Bleck. 

You know, I’m looking at the computer next to me (an old Sony with W98) and admiring the screensaver I made what was probably many, many years ago, that reads “It’s 11 o’clock.  Do you know where your children are?” which was a favorite phrase of mine in, I believe, seventh grade.  That or eighth.  Oh so many years ago now, it’s outrageous. 

Ooh so it turns out that the warrenty on my laptop has been extended so that if I wanted to, I could send it in and they’ll fix my wireless internet for free since EVERYONE who has this model has been having issues.  The downside?  I’ll be laptop-less for a whole THREE WEEKS.  Which could be a major problem.  Though the upside IS that I’ll have wireless again, which is always nice.  And hopefully they won’t have to clear my harddrive, but I’ll have a back up of it just in case.  I think I will, my parents think it’s a good idea, but comment with thoughts if you’d like. 

So . . . there’s not much left to shed light on except for the fact that I still don’t have plans for the 28th/30th and I would like it if some people would Facebook wall me or message me or IM me or call (even though I don’t have like any minutes left) and make plans.  I do want to see lots of movies, or do something of that sort.  And if anyone is interested in attending the NYFA reunion with me, it’s at the Central Park ice skating rink, lemme know.


[Insert Christmas Merriment Here]

Well, Christmas is now over, at least for 2007.  It’s been pretty damn successful, if I do say so myself.  Lots of good stuff, including 4 DVDs of the best assortment, lots of skinny jeans (which I’m sure some of you are glad to hear), and a TRIPOD!  YAY!  So now I don’t have to drag the impossibly heavy one to and from school every time I wanna get a nice shot.  Yipee. 

Hope y’all had a nice holiday, and now we’ve got a few more days of useless break, and then NEW YEARS, which is partying up New Paltz at the Prez’s house for me.  Three cheers for . . . whatever it is that we normally cheer to.

And yes, if you were wondering, the I Love You Because CD is STILL amazing. 


I LOVE “I Love You Because”

It’s pretty much amazing.  Got it today.  FABULOUS.  Blehhh after days and days and days of small minute-and-a-half samples I have the real thing :D  B&N kinda sucked with the delivery updates, but I suppose that’s alright since I have it now.

 Oh, and Merry Christmas/Eve/all holidays in general I guess.  Finally.  I’ve been waititng for it, for what seems like forever cause you know . . . vacation started like three days ago, aka thirty six hours, aka like a buh-zillion minutes. 

Finished the book I got from my English teacher . . . it was alright, not as good as she’d made it sound.  The end was stupid, it was ALL in the blurb and kinda pointless.  The middle was really good and I got really excited, but the end was a fantasy let down.  It was this sort of book that was an attempt at some sort of fable, I guess, with a bit too much fantasy.  And yeah, it was written as a re-telling of a great-granddaughter, but it’s a couple generations off anyway.  Too much fantasy thrown in too soon in the strands of time.  Oh well.  Now reading the Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy five-book-series.  Douglas Adams is fucking HISTERICAL.  Love him.  Always.

Bleh.  Christmas tomorrow.  Perhaps I’ll update if people READ IT.

:P :D

National Treasure II

It wasn’t bad, for a sequal.  I know, I know, no posts for two days and then two in one day: what is going on here?  But it’s a blog, I can post whatever I want, whenever I want, right?  I hope so.  It wouldn’t be very fair if I couldn’t.  Anyway.  NTII.  Same exact story patter as NTI, just different documents about a different period in time, with a different bad guy.  Otherwise exactly the same.  EXACTLY.  No joke.  Kinda like the Uglies Trilogy, but a movie about the US of A.  Exciting. 

 Erm.  That was really the only purpose of this entry.  Bleh I’m tired.  Two more days til Christmas, plus an hour and twenty five minutes.


Holidays At Last

Thank goodness, a whole week with no teachers up my ass.  It’s too bad I haven’t written in a while . . . I meant to but keep forgetting.  Besides, spent all of yesterday while I was home packing to go to my grandfather’s house, where I am now.  We made chocolate chip cookies today, and I was reminded of how absolutely AMAZING cookie batter tastes (aka completely addicting).  I’m reading this book that my English teacher gave me, and I don’t love it as much as she does.  It’s really cool though, reading it, cause it’s a book that’s got meaning for her in her life (otherwise known as “sentimental value”, as she put it) and it’s kind of cool to think of its history and background and such, like how it felt for each person who read it at each word or sentance, where they read it, what they were doing, who they were (or weren’t) with, etc.  Yeah, I know, I’m SUCH A LOSER.  Oh well.

I got sneakers for Christmas!  Whoot!  Haha yeahh I saw them on the floor of my parent’s bedroom.  They’re Lands End, which is cool, but they’ve got the weird laces I’m not crazy about, but who said I had to have laces?  I don’t really like laces in the first place, so I’ll probably just cut them out if I can. 

This whole Christmas-is-on-Tuesday thing.  Can’t they just make it on Sunday, so that there’s no fifty million days of break worth of anticipation that I can’t STAND.  It took me until earlier today to realize that Christmas was on Tuesday and not Monday, which threw me off a lot, to say the least.  Another few days of waiting and waiting.  This is going to be a long vacation.

And yes, by the way, the rumors are true, I did not get practically any homework over the vacation.  A few focus questions from English, and extra credit assignments, and of course work on Science PBA and start editing my English essay (though that’s not due until the day after we get back), but it’s really nothing.  I’m really thankful, last year I was up to my forehead in work assignments for all of my classes. 

I wish more people would view/comment this blog.  It would make me very happy.

Also, would anyone like to cowrite a play with me?


I’m Aware, Just Not Participating

Today was a giant mix of emotions.  This morning: hungry, late, tired.  Glad I’d done all my homework the night before.  School was alright.  I’m stuck on editing in film, I can’t get past my title even though there’s a shitload more than that left.  Two more days til break!  Thank God.  I paid attention in history and spanish (God knows I need it . . . this may sound really nerdy and selfish of me but I don’t want to get another B in Spanish ever again.  I can do better than that).

Then it was skating, which was killer with lots of smiles :D  I fell 3 times, which hurt like a bitch but that’s okay.  I haven’t been skating in a long time, it was something new.  I’m going skiing for the first time in February, which should be exciting.  Back to today though.  I got overpriced nachos that were okay but not the greatest, and my skates were a size too small I think but I delt with it.  I still have to do my history homework . . . shit . . .

 Then I went to a SMAC meeting (Student Movement Against Cancer), and it was intense.  It turned out that my advisor had to deal with cancer when she was 16 . . . so much more than I could ever imagine having to deal with.  And at the time she was talking about it, it was so surreal, so scary and stuff, and now it kinda feels that way too, but in that middle in between time?  I don’t know.  They say that everyone is effected by cancer, whether they’re survivors, or are currently at war with it, or know someone firsthand who had/has to deal with it.  And I listen to that speech all the time (okay maybe it isn’t a speech but that’s besides the point) and . . . it doesn’t effect me.  At least not the way I feel like it should.  My grandmother died of lung cancer about . . . three or four years ago, but for me?  It was just death.  I feel horrible about all of this.  I know how awful cancer is to have and to fight with and to make it through is a miracle but I was thinking about how it didn’t really provoke any emotion in me.  It’s the death that gets me, really, and even then it’s because it’s death, not because it’s cancer-death.  And I feel so guilty about it,  you know?  I mean . . . there are lots of survivor stories, and lots of death stories.  We hear them all.  I feel like I’m immune to them, and I don’t want to be.  I want to be passionate about all of it but I’m not and it makes me feel weird and awkward.  *sigh*  Oh the oddities of life. 

Enough depressing complaining for today though.  I have to do my history homework before midnight, though there’s a fat chance of that.  Tomorrow is Beacon Ink (I need something like five submissions . . . shit) and the last chapter of James Potter and the Hall of Elder’s Crossing!  Whoot!  (

Ice Ice Ice

That would describe the weather.  I must’ve slipped at least ten billion times today, even in boots (though I switched out of my boots after gym, and back into them before Youth Group).  Today was alright.  Sub in history, which was nice, and we’ve finally stopped the physical challenge crap in gym.  Tomorrow my advisory’s going skating, I’m seriously psyched, even if I’m gonna fall on my ass so many times.  I’m actually pretty good at speed skating, once I know what I’m doing.  All other classes weren’t remarkable. 

Went home (skipped out on auditions for [insert musical here] I didn’t feel like going.) and read a bit and did some online stuff, brief Simming until I got bored (rather quickly . .  . I’m not enjoying my four-person families as much as I used to).  Then it was off to a Youth Group meeting, to which three other people showed up.  We got lots of dates done though.  Very exciting :D  I’m tired now, and avoiding my spanish homework that I really don’t want to do on the train but don’t want to do now either.  I totally failed that test on Monday . . . shit . . .  OH and I bought the I Love You Because soundtrack of!  I’m sooo psyched, it should be here by Friday *hopefully* if not on Monday. 

I seriously need Beacon Ink articles.  I’m supposed to have six more by last week, and I don’t have one.  I haven’t even been thinking about it, and didn’t realize there was a new deadline until about last week, after which I promptly forgot.  Soooo tired . . . really don’t want to bother but I’m a part of the team, right?  Let’s go for the gold!  Whoop!



Word.  Whaddup?  Haha just kidding.  So it’s the second day of this blog . . . and no, nothing major happened today.  Aced a math quiz (yay!), failed a spanish test (uh-oh), and am “finishing” (aka starting) my English outline for another exciting attempt at writing an amazing essay.  Hopefully I’ll start off with a 95 and improve my grade to 100 instead of going from 90 to 95.  And before you ask, YES, I am an overachiever in subjects that I care about (ie: English and Math.  Everything else can walk around with a stick shoved up its ass for all I care). 

 Instead of doing my essay, I watched a good portion of Sicko, which was very mind-boggling in a very interesting way.  Creepy, how shitty America is vs. everywhere else.  Michael Moore is a genius, with a capital J. 

And then, instead of doing my essay, I brushed my teeth and got ready for bed, where I am currently residing.  And I’ve got Maus II in my lap and I’m supposed to be finding quotes from a certain part of it, but really, do you think that this is going to grab my attention THAT easily?  I think not.  So I figured I’d update y’all on my blog cause I have nothing else to do (aka I’m just procrastinating). 

 And no, I don’t even know for sure that anyone is reading this blog, even though I’ve spread the link in a couple of places.  Oh well.  If there’s anyone out there, please comment!  I like comments :D  Or at least come back for more.  There will always be more . . . always.  Especially if you comment ;)