Killer Smile


[I think this is the best poem I’ve ever written.  I just found it in my old English notebook]

Today it rained quite like milk, not unlike in
Hollywood, where milk is used to substitute rain, because
it shows better on camera.  Do you
see any symbolism in those three lines?

Is there a secret meaning
something shown at special screenings?

Notice the couplet?
Or the alliteration?
This is a haiku.

And there is no meaning behind that, either.

See what I’m saying?
Yell if you do
Milk clearly represents the
boldness lacking in the translucent rain.
Oh, you don’t get it?  You don’t see the
light fringes of sarcasm?


New Blog

I know people hardly read this, but if you’re interested I’ve started a new blog (in ADDITION to this one, not instead of) that I should be updating daily.

Back Home

I miss Stanford a lot, mostly because I’m not doing much at home.  Sitting around right now, watching golf with my mom, dad, sister, and grandfather, who came over for dinner.  It was this or go and see the Dark Knight in IMAX, which I had absolutely no interest in.  I miss writing every day and being able to do what I wanted when I wanted.  Mom expects me to get a job (as if anyone would hire me for just a week, if that, randomly in the summer).  Dad wants me to work for him (boring work, less than minimum wage).  I’d rather sit around and hang out with people who I haven’t seen since June.  I miss the obligations of class.  They keep me moving and such and give my day structure which I most definitely need.  Who cares that class just brings on the usual issues of procrastination and not enough time or sleep.  It’s definitely worth it.

I was watching TV and saw ads for both Chuck and The Office.  I’d forgotten about the former, but still can’t wait for it to come back on.  Gotta love Chuck, even if the story line is kind of weak.  The Office doesn’t require any explanation.  I love the relationship between Jim and Pam, even if it might spur the end of the series.  It would’ve been worth it.  The Office definitely has some of the best season finales ever.

Finished Harry Potter 5 last night.  I’ve decided that it’s most definitely the least favorite of my books.  If only Harry had been less angry all the time and Dumbledore had been less preachy at the end it might’ve been better–I agree with JKR; I’m not sure what events I’d take out of the book, even though it could stand to be shorter.

Miss people from camp, but I figure that’s normal.  If only we’d had a few more weeks, I think that a lot more could’ve happened.  There were so many people that I only really became friends with in the last week, which sucked a lot.  I hope that I get to see them all at some point during the year.  Maybe we’ll plan some sort of reunion, which would be cool.  I doubt many people would come though, everyone’s from all over.  It’s so weird to not be in the same timezone as everyone else anymore.  I could talk to people until three in the morning, and it’ll only be twelve for them.  It’s a strange feeling.  I wish I could still be living in California time.  I miss IMing people from across the room and getting to sit on everyone’s lap and snuggling in little forts in the laundry room ; )

Anyway I figure I’m going to go now.  I hope to update more often, now that I’ve got solid internet and probably lots of free time.  Now that people may actually be half-watching this blog.  I’ll see y’all later.  Comment, etc.