Killer Smile


Was that a comment I spotted?  I dunno who it was from cause they forgot to leave a name, but thanks loads :)  As of today my whole family has a Facebook (sis got one today, and we are now friends.  I was, of course, her first wall post).  And, if you were wondering, I am still listening obsessively to I love you because, my favorite line is:

 “I’ve got lots of friendships/but this one transcends/all the ones in which I don’t get laid/and that’s why we’re just friends” It’s got a nice ring to it, don’t you think? 

I still neglet all of my vacation-ish homework, such as really editing my essay or working on my science PBA.  Bleck. 

You know, I’m looking at the computer next to me (an old Sony with W98) and admiring the screensaver I made what was probably many, many years ago, that reads “It’s 11 o’clock.  Do you know where your children are?” which was a favorite phrase of mine in, I believe, seventh grade.  That or eighth.  Oh so many years ago now, it’s outrageous. 

Ooh so it turns out that the warrenty on my laptop has been extended so that if I wanted to, I could send it in and they’ll fix my wireless internet for free since EVERYONE who has this model has been having issues.  The downside?  I’ll be laptop-less for a whole THREE WEEKS.  Which could be a major problem.  Though the upside IS that I’ll have wireless again, which is always nice.  And hopefully they won’t have to clear my harddrive, but I’ll have a back up of it just in case.  I think I will, my parents think it’s a good idea, but comment with thoughts if you’d like. 

So . . . there’s not much left to shed light on except for the fact that I still don’t have plans for the 28th/30th and I would like it if some people would Facebook wall me or message me or IM me or call (even though I don’t have like any minutes left) and make plans.  I do want to see lots of movies, or do something of that sort.  And if anyone is interested in attending the NYFA reunion with me, it’s at the Central Park ice skating rink, lemme know.



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