Killer Smile


I’m a chick.  From NYC.  I’m fifteen (sixteen in April).  I’ve got friends, a younger sister (thirteen), I go to a good public school, I’ve got two nice parents, I live on Facebook and YouTube and PostSecret and I obsess a bit too much than could ever be healthy, I like musicals and other bands, and I like writing (hence the blog).  I hate tests but then again I hate pretty much everything except lying around or flirting with guys who flirt back or talking to friends.  I really really hate cold and winter.  Yay for heat and warmth!  I read.  I have decent grammar, sometimes.  I LIKE MY SNOBBINESS, but then again, doesn’t everyone?  i HATE WHEN PEOPLE WRiTE EVERYTHiNG iN CAPiTALS EXCEPT FOR i.  Iiii alsoo hatee whenn peoplee extendd theirr wordss byy onee extraa letterr, thoughh Ii tendd too doo itt aa onn occasionn.  I hate it when people deny their hypocriteness or their ability to be stupid and loser-ish.  I also hate it when people get insulted by the insults their friends throw at them.  If I call you a loser, don’t take it personally, please.

EDIT: I reread this entry often, as it gets more views than my other posts, and every time it makes me cringe.  It makes me sad that I hate so much, and while everything in this post is true, it is a bit harsh.  I love lots of things as well (there are details in some later posts), like music and filmmaking and writing and of course reading.  An odd hobby of mine is Cup Stacking (it is just what it sounds like, you can check it out here:  I spend a huge majority of my time on the internet, and I enjoy conversing about life and how it’s different for different people in different places.  Sociology is really interesting to me, and my strengths are math and english, and I suck at science and history (I know that most people find this weird, because people are SUPPOSED to like history and english or math and science, but hey, I’m not really good at doing what people are supposed to do).  I’ll be honest–I’m not a badass (even though I’d like to be).  At the same time, I’m not perfect either (straight A’s doesn’t mean you do all the work, it just means you’re either a shameless kissup or really good at class participation).  Anyway, there are times when I’m a heartless bitch and times when I’m cool and rare occasions when I’m sort of sweet.  But alas, I am who I am.

Oh and for the record, I’m a total whore about good grammar, but I have NO problems with complete vulgarity or spelling errors.

Happy reading,



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