Killer Smile

I LOVE “I Love You Because”

It’s pretty much amazing.  Got it today.  FABULOUS.  Blehhh after days and days and days of small minute-and-a-half samples I have the real thing :D  B&N kinda sucked with the delivery updates, but I suppose that’s alright since I have it now.

 Oh, and Merry Christmas/Eve/all holidays in general I guess.  Finally.  I’ve been waititng for it, for what seems like forever cause you know . . . vacation started like three days ago, aka thirty six hours, aka like a buh-zillion minutes. 

Finished the book I got from my English teacher . . . it was alright, not as good as she’d made it sound.  The end was stupid, it was ALL in the blurb and kinda pointless.  The middle was really good and I got really excited, but the end was a fantasy let down.  It was this sort of book that was an attempt at some sort of fable, I guess, with a bit too much fantasy.  And yeah, it was written as a re-telling of a great-granddaughter, but it’s a couple generations off anyway.  Too much fantasy thrown in too soon in the strands of time.  Oh well.  Now reading the Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy five-book-series.  Douglas Adams is fucking HISTERICAL.  Love him.  Always.

Bleh.  Christmas tomorrow.  Perhaps I’ll update if people READ IT.

:P :D


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