Killer Smile

Holidays At Last

Thank goodness, a whole week with no teachers up my ass.  It’s too bad I haven’t written in a while . . . I meant to but keep forgetting.  Besides, spent all of yesterday while I was home packing to go to my grandfather’s house, where I am now.  We made chocolate chip cookies today, and I was reminded of how absolutely AMAZING cookie batter tastes (aka completely addicting).  I’m reading this book that my English teacher gave me, and I don’t love it as much as she does.  It’s really cool though, reading it, cause it’s a book that’s got meaning for her in her life (otherwise known as “sentimental value”, as she put it) and it’s kind of cool to think of its history and background and such, like how it felt for each person who read it at each word or sentance, where they read it, what they were doing, who they were (or weren’t) with, etc.  Yeah, I know, I’m SUCH A LOSER.  Oh well.

I got sneakers for Christmas!  Whoot!  Haha yeahh I saw them on the floor of my parent’s bedroom.  They’re Lands End, which is cool, but they’ve got the weird laces I’m not crazy about, but who said I had to have laces?  I don’t really like laces in the first place, so I’ll probably just cut them out if I can. 

This whole Christmas-is-on-Tuesday thing.  Can’t they just make it on Sunday, so that there’s no fifty million days of break worth of anticipation that I can’t STAND.  It took me until earlier today to realize that Christmas was on Tuesday and not Monday, which threw me off a lot, to say the least.  Another few days of waiting and waiting.  This is going to be a long vacation.

And yes, by the way, the rumors are true, I did not get practically any homework over the vacation.  A few focus questions from English, and extra credit assignments, and of course work on Science PBA and start editing my English essay (though that’s not due until the day after we get back), but it’s really nothing.  I’m really thankful, last year I was up to my forehead in work assignments for all of my classes. 

I wish more people would view/comment this blog.  It would make me very happy.

Also, would anyone like to cowrite a play with me?



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