Killer Smile

National Treasure II

It wasn’t bad, for a sequal.  I know, I know, no posts for two days and then two in one day: what is going on here?  But it’s a blog, I can post whatever I want, whenever I want, right?  I hope so.  It wouldn’t be very fair if I couldn’t.  Anyway.  NTII.  Same exact story patter as NTI, just different documents about a different period in time, with a different bad guy.  Otherwise exactly the same.  EXACTLY.  No joke.  Kinda like the Uglies Trilogy, but a movie about the US of A.  Exciting. 

 Erm.  That was really the only purpose of this entry.  Bleh I’m tired.  Two more days til Christmas, plus an hour and twenty five minutes.



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