Killer Smile

Ice Ice Ice

That would describe the weather.  I must’ve slipped at least ten billion times today, even in boots (though I switched out of my boots after gym, and back into them before Youth Group).  Today was alright.  Sub in history, which was nice, and we’ve finally stopped the physical challenge crap in gym.  Tomorrow my advisory’s going skating, I’m seriously psyched, even if I’m gonna fall on my ass so many times.  I’m actually pretty good at speed skating, once I know what I’m doing.  All other classes weren’t remarkable. 

Went home (skipped out on auditions for [insert musical here] I didn’t feel like going.) and read a bit and did some online stuff, brief Simming until I got bored (rather quickly . .  . I’m not enjoying my four-person families as much as I used to).  Then it was off to a Youth Group meeting, to which three other people showed up.  We got lots of dates done though.  Very exciting :D  I’m tired now, and avoiding my spanish homework that I really don’t want to do on the train but don’t want to do now either.  I totally failed that test on Monday . . . shit . . .  OH and I bought the I Love You Because soundtrack of!  I’m sooo psyched, it should be here by Friday *hopefully* if not on Monday. 

I seriously need Beacon Ink articles.  I’m supposed to have six more by last week, and I don’t have one.  I haven’t even been thinking about it, and didn’t realize there was a new deadline until about last week, after which I promptly forgot.  Soooo tired . . . really don’t want to bother but I’m a part of the team, right?  Let’s go for the gold!  Whoop!



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