Killer Smile


Word.  Whaddup?  Haha just kidding.  So it’s the second day of this blog . . . and no, nothing major happened today.  Aced a math quiz (yay!), failed a spanish test (uh-oh), and am “finishing” (aka starting) my English outline for another exciting attempt at writing an amazing essay.  Hopefully I’ll start off with a 95 and improve my grade to 100 instead of going from 90 to 95.  And before you ask, YES, I am an overachiever in subjects that I care about (ie: English and Math.  Everything else can walk around with a stick shoved up its ass for all I care). 

 Instead of doing my essay, I watched a good portion of Sicko, which was very mind-boggling in a very interesting way.  Creepy, how shitty America is vs. everywhere else.  Michael Moore is a genius, with a capital J. 

And then, instead of doing my essay, I brushed my teeth and got ready for bed, where I am currently residing.  And I’ve got Maus II in my lap and I’m supposed to be finding quotes from a certain part of it, but really, do you think that this is going to grab my attention THAT easily?  I think not.  So I figured I’d update y’all on my blog cause I have nothing else to do (aka I’m just procrastinating). 

 And no, I don’t even know for sure that anyone is reading this blog, even though I’ve spread the link in a couple of places.  Oh well.  If there’s anyone out there, please comment!  I like comments :D  Or at least come back for more.  There will always be more . . . always.  Especially if you comment ;)


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