Killer Smile

I Don’t Know

What to write here anymore.

So I do have some plans this weekend.  Today was a failure, but tomorrow I’m going iceskating (I know, exciting!) if I feel well enough, and the day after I’m seeing Juno with three of my friends.  Very exciting.  And yes, lots and lots more “I Love You Because” listening.  Everything else on my iPod is just a bit unappealing, which is unfortunate but whatever. 

An extra big shoutout to SETH for being the most amazing first blog commenter : )

 Er . . . yeah.  That’s it.  I guess.  Love you all.  Comment, read constantly.  Make me happy : D


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  1. * aly says:

    heyyy, this cool chick liz recommended your blog to me. i thought you’d like to know i read it :] lol.

    | Reply Posted 11 years, 5 months ago

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