Killer Smile


[I think this is the best poem I’ve ever written.  I just found it in my old English notebook]

Today it rained quite like milk, not unlike in
Hollywood, where milk is used to substitute rain, because
it shows better on camera.  Do you
see any symbolism in those three lines?

Is there a secret meaning
something shown at special screenings?

Notice the couplet?
Or the alliteration?
This is a haiku.

And there is no meaning behind that, either.

See what I’m saying?
Yell if you do
Milk clearly represents the
boldness lacking in the translucent rain.
Oh, you don’t get it?  You don’t see the
light fringes of sarcasm?

Another Santa

[More old poetry]

The white beard that isn’t really white
It’s a charcoal gray
Wirey without fluff
The cheeks not red
Like they’re supposed to be
Actually a little green
‘Cause he doesn’t like
to fly
But he does
And ’cause of that
the jolly is gone.

My Bird

[Another old poem]

I. Have. A.
Rocky. Rocky
flies; through the air
Around a house. And
into my room, again. This time
with a message.
Not for me.
But. For. My. Other.

Dear Stranger

[I wrote this poem last year]

Dear stranger,
You are not so strange to me
I have noticed you
Watched you
I have written you down on paper.
You probably do not notice me.
I hear you
I interpret your face, your eyes, your clothes
Your life.
You do not notice me.
We pass every day, stranger.
Maybe once or twice your glance has
Met mine?
Have you ever wondered
What I think?
What I do?
I have done this, for you.
I find you interesting, stranger
You make me think.
About your history
Important dates
This is who I am
But I long to know, who are you?
Are you like me?
An observer too?

A Poem I Wrote

Please keep in mind that I usually don’t write poetry.  I don’t have a title for this.


I kind of want


It’s a slow, subtle


Caught in the depths

Of my throat

It is loud flirtation

But silent

Secret yearning

To feel his lips beg mine


To feel his God-awful




He hugs me as we joke

[About our “relationship”]

And I wish

Please make it a hold



And it is.

He wants nothing more than


And I?


Kind of



It’s a


Subtle Wanting.