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How My Life Would’ve Been Different If I Could Teleport

[Based on the short story: How My Life Would’ve Been Different If I’d Been Shot Twice In The Stomach]

At Birth

My mother feels her first contractions and suddenly I escape her womb and appear on the kitchen counter beside her.  I cry.  The umbilical cord is still attached.  She takes me to the hospital.  I am the fastest and most painless birth on record.

At School

Everyday I wake up at 7.48.  I shower and get dressed and am in class at 7.58; two minutes early.  I am always the first and last person in all my classes.

At Camp

I have mastered rock climbing.  Getting to the top is easy.  Remembering to grab on poses a challenge.

At Dances

I appear magically by her side and ask for a dance.  We are slowly swaying to the calm rhythm of the song.  Her boyfriend returns from the snack table.  I mystically disappear.  She is in love.

At Work

I am a reporter.  Always first (or close second) to the scene of the crime.  My name is celebrated.  I’m not a good writer or speaker.

At Death

I am burried.  Five years later I show up on my granddaughter’s kitchen counter.


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