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Yay for Life-Type Things

First off, I made a video today, and will be making a new one tomorrow:

For the record, I have been writing about a page a day on average (also known as five pages every few days), but it’s for this whole book thing that I’m writing (hopefully will be done by the time school starts). 

I just finished Just Listen by Sarah Dessen.  Go read stuff by her–she’s a fantastic YA author, seriously.  Her books aren’t sad even though you’d think that they’d be seriously depressing, and her characters are the sorts that you would totally fall in love with, all. The. Time.

I saw [title of show] on Monday, it was FANTASTIC.  The book was really funny, funnier than I’d expected.  I knew that the songs were great, but they were different (sometimes for the better, sometimes not).  I totally recommend it.

And speaking of Broadway, Passing Strange is being sent off?!?!  WHAT THE HELL?  SO NOT COOL.  I’m going to try to see it once more before it goes off when I get back from camp (I leave on Monday).

I can’t think of anything more to say.  I learned how to play Amnity Gardens (by fountains of wayne) on the guitar, and I’ve been dogwalking to make some extra money.  I hate it.  Anyway.  That’s enough for now, more later.  Eventually.



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