Killer Smile


So this post comes a little bit late, but I would like to celebrate 500 views on this website :D  Last week was actually the week with the most views ever, which made me really happy.  I’ve started looking around at other wordpress blogs and I think that’s helped me gain some views.  Well, no matter how they occurred, I’m thankful for them. 

Anywhichway, in school we’ve got a HUGE history thing tomorrow.  We’re going down to NYU to do this whole big students-teaching-students-about-global-issues thing.  It’s supposed to be a lot of fun, and I’m pretty psyched about it, but most of the student body has gotten REALLY stressed out about it.  I don’t think anyone really has anything to worry about, though.  Most groups have worked really hard and have gotten a lot of feedback from their teachers for their presentations.  My group has always been sort of set for this, and proof of that was when our teacher cried tears of happiness when we described our activity to her.  It was actually pretty awesome.  I don’t get what moved her so much about it (I came up with the activity the period before we needed to know what our activity would be in the middle of some random class like health or something), but I think that’s going to do a lot of good for our grade.

The Beacon Ink literary magazine was published and sold officially today, which was AMAZING.  It looks really fabulous, and even though not all of the layouts came out exactly the way I wanted them to, it still looks really great.  The only sad thing is that the other students don’t seem to see the value of owning a literary magazine.  $6.00 is a lot when you’re in high school, but the magazine is definitely worth it.  We only sold one copy during my shift selling at lunch, and even then it was to a teacher.  Other people said they would come back once they got money, but you never really can be sure with students.  I still have to buy a copy for myself.  All I can say is that I really hope the magazine sells, because I really want to be able to do Beacon Ink next year, and if we don’t sell magazines then we won’t have enough money to publish a magazine next year.  And students wonder why it only comes out once a year . . . maybe if they actually submitted and bought the magazine, we’d have money and oppertunity to make more editions.

Anyway, that’s enough ranting for now.  In the next week I’ll have a Slaughterhouse 5 book review, btw, because I’m almost done.  Then it will be on to Macbeth . . . and whatever other book I choose to read in my free time.



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