Killer Smile

A [Belated] Happy Birthday To Me :D

Yes, I turned 16 officially on 18 April (Friday).  How exciting!  Not.  I got this killer camcorder from my family that is *perfect* for vlogging and such, so hopefully I’ll start updating my YouTube more and more often.  And maybe I’ll finally get something up on the WWJD account (if I haven’t mentioned it before, there will be details to come–and before people start calling me an ultra-Christian, no, it does not stand for What Would Jesus Do). 

I finished two books in the car today (road trip to Ohio with family = nothing better to do).  The first was Burned, another Ellen Hopkins novel.  I’m telling you, that woman is ADDICTING.  It’s crazy.  The book was good, probably better than Glass (by an itty bitty bit) but not as good as Crank (nothing’s better than the first time).  Now I just have Impulse, and I’ll have completed my Ellen Hopkins education (although, hopefully she’ll write more books and I will be able to further educate myself).  The second book was Devilish by Maureen Johnson.  For the record, I’m not a demon person.  I don’t really like fantasy.  Hence, this book was definitely not my favorite from her.  It was kind of interesting, and I enjoyed dabbing into a genre that I don’t usually read, but in the end I just accepted that this sort of thing isn’t (and won’t ever be) my sort of thing.  My favorite Maureen Johnson?  It’s a really really hard choice, but I’d have to say The Burmudez Triangle, for all of it’s hot lesbian action.  The Key to the Golden Firebird made me cry though, and I’ve read and reread 13 Little Blue Envelopes MANY times. 

So that’s about it for books.  Oh, and for the record, I’m in search of good listening ears (my electric pair got dropped in a puddle of doom).  If anyone’s interested in hearing all my problems, lemme know.

 . . .


 . . . . . .


Okay, no, I didn’t really think that would work.  It was worth a try.  I’d better go to bed.  Long day awaiting for tomorrow.



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