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Random Drabbles in Science Class

There are 33 minutes.  Think slow, think hard.  Ask one question.  What do you do?  I’ll tell you what I do.  I spend just ten minutes thinking, and then five minutes running, doesn’t matter where.  That leaves me 18 minutes to get really, really drunk.  But that’s not an option for you.  Doesn’t matter what I do, but what you do–that’s what’s key.  That’s why I’m telling you, think hard, think slow.  Ask one question.  There are 33 minutes.


Please tell me what it is, sir, exactly that you want me to do.  Yes, I will wait.  I will think, long and hard, just as you request.  But what is it that I am waiting for?  Now I ask you to think long and hard about what exactly it is that you are asking me to do.  Do not mistake me for your servant–I am by no means required to do what you tell me to.  But I am a loyal and honest young man, if I do say so myself, and if you ask me to do something I will honor your requests with sincere reason.  Please do not doubt this.

Oh, by all means, do not misinterpret my opinions of your honesty.  I do not doubt the validity of your opinion, in fact, I find it to be more valid than most, which is why I am telling you: there are 33 minutes left.  And perhaps you misheard the second half of my statement: you may ask one question.  Regretably, I believe that the thing you have chosen to implore is not the correct question, and therefore I–albeit regretably–cannot answer it.  My deepest apologies.


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