Killer Smile


It’s been so long!  I feel awful about having not posted in nearly two and a half weeks–honestly I do.  I’ve been a little all over the place lately, and while I could blame it on being busy, I figure it’s really because I’ve had nothing to do and therefore nothing to talk about.  I’d normally catch up with life here, but I figure it’s not really necessary . . . nothing fantastical has happened, so you aren’t missing out on much (if, of course, there is a ‘you’ out there . . . I wouldn’t know since hardly anyone every comments).

On Friday I saw this show, Passing Strange with my mom and sister.  It was really fabulous.  Loud rock music and swearing aside, it’s about this guy trying to find himself through art and song and love, so he travels to  Europe.  There’s also a lot of race struggle, which made me think of Caucasia . . . but whateverrr. 

I finished Atonement (did I mention that the last time I was here?  I don’t remember).  It was good, though I didn’t really get it, probably because I skipped overe huge sections of it that didn’t really seem important.  I guess you could say I’m glad I read it–I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone, but I wouldn’t discourage them from reading it either.  Now I’m onto Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen.  The language is more difficult than I expected it to be, but I’m still enjoying it a lot (though that enjoyment is slightly overshadowed by my constant search for who is who in I Love You Because). 

I’ve finally chosen a summer program, my mom found one at Stanford for creative writing that looks really good.  The application is intense so I figure I might not get in, but I’m going to try really hard and I’ve already gotten my teacher recommendation, so I’m almost . . . sorta kinda not really almost there.  We’ll see what happens and keep our fingers crossed.

Anywhichway I’m supposed to be writing my hisotry essay . . . so I’d better get back to that.  Comment, or whatever.



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