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Yay!  The blog has finally hit 300 views!  Okay, well now it’s at 304, but still.  A cause for celebration, amongst times which are not-so-celebratable (mental note: is that even a word?).

Yesterday, unfortunately, on my run to catch the bus and get on the subway cause I was late to school, I dropped my iPod, and didn’t realize it til I was at 86th street.  So now I have nothing to do on the subway anymore except homework (ew) and staring into space (bleh) and read Attonement, if I ever decide to remember to put it in my backpack in the morning. 

I’ve been forgetting to wake up in the mornings lately, even with my double alarm.  Anyone have any suggestions?

Got a 90 on my math quiz today, and a 95 on my Spanish test.  The latter was great, the former not so much.  I think it’s my lowest grade all year, which is mildly depressing and at the same time not really much to brag about since it would make most people really pissed off.

And that’s all for now, since I have to go downstairs and eat food.  More later.



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