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Wow . . .

It has been a while, too long perhaps.  Since my last update, I’ve gotten 110 on a science test, reinstalled Windows Vista on my shitty laptop, and done nothing in Teen Theatre.  Exciting!

 So yeah, today was cool mainly beacuse of the giant orgy party held in my English classroom after class.  So it wasn’t really an orgy . . . we had a lot of fun anyway.  And my English teacher thinks I’m insane, but I already knew that, so it’s okay.  I love my friends.

Since my last post, I’ve finished a few more books.  I finished Bright Lights, Big City by Jay McInerney, which was really great but soooo anti climactic to the point of finishing the book and going “what the fuck??!!” Book number two:  Extras, by Scott Westerfield.  I stayed up until two in the morning reading this book, and I’m not really sure why.  It wasn’t really addicting, I didn’t care about whether or not I knew how it ended, I just didn’t feel like putting it down.  I think it was one of the better Uglies books, personally (it’s fourth out of four).  I mean, looking at the other three, they’re really the same story, just with different levels to them and with a few new people.  Extras is pretty much different, kind of, I guess.  Now that I think about it, maybe not as much.  Still, it was less obviously the same plot as all the other ones.

Then I saw a lot of movies, and the Oscars.  Okay, maybe like two movies.  Three.  While we were in Puerto Rico I watched Elizabeth I, which was cool I guess.  It was interesting, and Cate Blanchet is alright.  Then we got back and I saw Be Kind, Rewind in theatres.  It was really really weird.  Another anti-climactic thing I’ve seen recently.  There were times when it was sort of laugh out loud funny, and then others where you just looked at it and had to ask yourself if you were missing a joke because there would be long periods where nothing funny happened.  Then I saw Definitely, Maybe the next day after failing to get RENT raffle tickets (yes, it would’ve been my fifth time going, but it was crowded so even with four of us we didn’t really stand a chance).  It was alright, even though Abigail Breslin’s part consists mosty of crying (at least, in those rare moments when she’s actually in the movie).  He ends up with the right people, which is always great.  It was satisfying.  And it was about politics, so the guys I went with to see it didn’t mind it that much.  Yay! 

 Oh yeah, and The Breakfast Club?  Best movie.  Ever.  (Well, almost ever.  Second only to Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.)

Currently reading Atonement by Ian McEwan, and it’s okay.  It gets right to the action, but it’s full of what seems like long, unneccesary discription.  For getting straight to the point, not a lot actually happens, and for having such a great ending, there doesn’t seem to be anything astonishing going on.  Naturally, I’m only in something like the first fifty pages.  Yeah, I know.  I’ll shut up now.

The movie I’m doing with my friends seems to be coming along alright, we’ve supposidly got most of a script, though who knows when I’ll actually get to see it.  I’m really excited, supposidly it’s going to be really really raunchy.

More to come soon, if there’s more to say soon.



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