Killer Smile

Chocolate is Best Served Hot

Okay, I will be completely honest.  That title has absolutely NOTHING to do with what I’m here to blog about.  Yes, I did just drink a delicious hot chocolate (my favorite hot drink), but there are more important things on the run.

 Tonight = Fountains of Wayne concert!!  I’ve been waiting and waiting for this concert for SO long and I’m REALLY excited.  I’m actually leaving pretty soon to go into the city, it’ll be the first concert to a band that I really really care about (Britney Spears doesn’t count . . . that was second grade).  I know all of their songs and love them to death and listen to them all the time (I’ve had my iPod on shuffle with exclusively them all week). 

Got my report card on Wednesday, I should’ve blogged about that I guess, but I didn’t.  I got all A’s, except for science.  Asshole gave me a B.  He’s been absent both yesterday and today, so I’ll yell at him on Monday for not giving me the A grade I so deserved (I mean, let’s face it, I got 100 on my final, and my friend got an 89.  She got the A, I didn’t.  I believe something is VERY wrong here). 

Anyway, enough with the smart-person rant.  I hate not being able to complain about my B’s just cause most people are sitting around complaining about C’s, so I try to avoid doing it but often can’t help myself.

Alright, so it’s the next day . . . aka it’s now the 9th instead of the 8th.  I had to leave but I wasn’t done with the post so I saved it and am now coming back to it.  Fountains of Wayne was AMAZING.  They were really good live and played most of my favorite songs.  I was really proud of myself too, I knew almost all the words to every single song.  Exciting.  Me and my sister were standing way up close and it was a lot of fun.  Kinda loud, but they were still great.  How’s that for amazing concert experience? 

And am I the only one who’s really kinda sad that Panic! at the Disco removed their ! ?  Now they’re just Panic at the Disco.  How boring.  I feel like I can’t actually like them anymore (not that I really loved them in the first place . . . I really only liked “Lying is the Most Fun a Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off”).  Oh well.  Moving on.

So I’ve got a big project on this guy Aime Cesaire due on Tuesday, and it’s kinda cool.  He’s a really interesting guy, born in Martinique (a French Caribbean colony) and given a good education, he was against colonization and believed that colonies should be given independence from their Western colonizers, and create their own individual culture (ie: not Western), but continue to take advantage of Western technology in order to maintain a pleasant quality of life.  Man, this guy actually makes sense in his demands.  Check him out.

Anyway, should probably run, dad just walked in and I’m supposed to be doing homework.



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