Killer Smile

Today, Tomorrow, and a Surprising Lack of Yesterday

Greetings guys, at least, the very limited number of you who read this blog.  Today was cool.  First and foremost, I’d like to give a shout out to Seth, who is now officially 16 as of today.  I wish he’d go online so we could talk, but some things are too much to hope for. 

Today is also Mardi Graw (I KNOW I spelt that wrong, so people who celebrate it please forgive me . . . I don’t celebrate it).  I don’t know that many people who were wrapped up in it here, at least no one was like usual, both because of the super Super Bowl (GO GIANTS) and super Tuesday.  I have no opinion in the polls, though I’m democratic.  A lot of my friends are really into it though.  In honor of the Superness of Tuesday, we’re doing a mock debate between the four front-running candidates:  Romney (my team), Clinton, Obama, and McCain.  It should be interesting, especially when our only resource on the candidate (besides what we already know), is from Wikipedia and reads, “For example, Democratic U.S. Representative Barney Frank of Massachusetts once said, “The real Romney is clearly an extraordinarily ambitious man with no perceivable political principle whatsoever. He is the most intellectually dishonest human being in the history of politics,” to which a Romney spokesman replied that ‘We’ve never really paid much attention to what Barney Frank is saying, and we see no reason to start now.’ ”  Very helpful, right?  Haha . . . yeah.

So today I did lots more community service hours.  We’ve finally got scripts in Teen Theatre (I did mention that I’ve got the role of Auntie Em, right?).  I just have to bring in the 20 dollar diposit tomorrow.  Hopefully I’ll remember.

So life is, yet again, disappointing.  I tried on my old retainer and it didn’t fit, like, at all, which means that I need to wear it like every night to get my teeth back into normal shape.  Which is like blehhhh but whatever.  I have a lot of homework to do and I don’t really want to do it. 

Recently I’ve been really mad at a lot of people, not because they suck or have done mean shit to me (or maybe they have, indirectly or accidentaly), but because they’re really ignorant.  I’m not say I’m not, cause God knows I never pay attention to anything going on around me, but there are certain people who you kinda want to just yell at and say, “look, this is what you’re doing, and this is why you’re doing it, and this is what it’s caused, and you’d better stop doing it now because it’s fucking everything up and I know you don’t mean to do it and I hate being the one to tell you but you’re being an asshole”.  And who isn’t being an asshole cause of their ignorance, really?  I feel like yelling this at many people because no one seems to listen to me anymore, at least not the people who used to listen.  I hate it when people like to think they’re exceptions to some rules when they really aren’t.  Like, if you’re going to insist on telling your friends every detail of your fabulous weekend party, you sure as hell better pretend to listen when they tell you shit about their shitty weekend, because otherwise THEY FEEL LIKE SHIT. 

 *end rant*  I should go.  Really.



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