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RENT Post-Obsession, and Other Things Life-Related

So yes, I did get the raffle tickets to RENT.  First row, just left of center, aka AMAZING.  Went with Mariya, who gets a shout out for her comment on the last post :)  It was so much fun, the actors were right above us and you could see every single detail . . . so amazing.  Then afterwards we met the guy who played Mark (named Harley Jay, and yes, awful name I know, but he was amazingly gorgeous in a white skinny nerd sort of way that I find really super attractive).  He signed our Playbills and said he recognized me from the audience which made me feel really special because, you know, I’m just that amazing :P  Lol just kidding.

Anyway, then my parents announced that I was grounded when I got home, so “no internet” for a week.  Psht yeah right.  I’ve been getting on here and there (obviously) and they either haven’t caught me or haven’t cared.  Today I worked for my dad doing a lot of filing (I know, exciting, right?) and then sat around and did the equivilant of nothing.

Oh, and I owe shout outs to Seth and Nina, who commented a couple of posts ago and I forgot to mention it.  Thanks guys :) 

Anywhichway, I’m gonna go now.  Tomorrow is the last day of homework and school free bliss . . . oh how I will miss it.



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  1. * Nina says:

    oh my goodness your RENT seats sound amazing. I’ve been quoting it so much recently it’s insane. And I totally feel the skinny nerd hotness that you speak of lol Thanks for the shout-out… making me feel all warm and fuzzy like inside ha : )

    | Reply Posted 11 years, 3 months ago

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