Killer Smile

Life is Disappointing

You know what I mean?  And I have to credit the WordPress community: by tagging Ledger in my last post, I got 19 views in one day, which (though it may seem pathetic), is the most I’ve ever had.  So thanks guys.  Otherwise, views have been lame, but I’ve been slacking on the posting, so it’s no one else’s fault but mine. 

So, let’s recap.  Wednesday was fun.  I helped my friend throw a surprise birthday party for my other friend, and I was going to write a post that day but didn’t.  It was fun, but my mom got really mad when she had to pick me up in the freezing cold at 8 o’clock.  (I know it’s not THAT late, but in the winter it’s freaking DARK then, so shutup.)

Thursday was hell.  I was 40 minutes to my math final, and was lucky enough to still get to take it because my advisor is the greatest person in the world.  I managed to finish the test as everyone else did anyway (well, at the time that the test was supposed to end, anway.  Most people were already done by the time I walked in.  Yes, it was that easy).  Then I had my spanish oral exam, which was okay.  I blanked and said that one of my outdoor chores was to “cut the iron”, so I probably didn’t do *that* great. 

Today was the rest of the Spanish exam, and it wasn’t that bad, but not that great either.  The listening was on a 20 year old cassette tape that was far away, so I couldn’t hear it, but whatever I think I did well enough to ace the class (I hope I did anyway).  Then I worked at my mom’s office doing lots of copying and folder-making and some hazardous phone opperating.  I had lunch with a friend from camp, which was loads of fun since we got to catch up and lots had happened between when we’d last seen each other.

Tomorrow I’m hoping to get raffle tickets for RENT matinee show, fingers are crossed.  I’m going with another one of my friends who hasn’t seen it, so we’re pretty excited.  And that is all I have to say.  Nothing is really happening, except for me being pissed at about every person I know.  Therefore I have nothing else to say.  Thank you for coming, and have a nice day.



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  1. * Mariya says:

    Hey Renata,
    Wow! Some people were done with the math test by the time you got there? That must have been a really easy test. Anyway, seeing RENT with $20 front row seats sounds pretty amazing. The actors probably BREATHE on you and you can see all the little details that people sitting far away can’t see. You and your friend are SO lucky! I have a feeling you will get the tickets so no sweat. I’m kinda good at predicting these things. I bet your friend will get a little obsessed with it too once she sees it. I also noticed that you spell shut up as one word. Why is that?

    | Reply Posted 11 years, 4 months ago

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