Killer Smile

Story, but with a warning.

Not really for kids . . . at all.  Sorry, I meant to post this earlier but I forgot.  It’s not finished or ended or anything like that, and maybe it will be, maybe it won’t be, but I don’t know cause I just kinda wrote it randomly.

The first curfew was 2 A.M.

It only applied to kids under 13, but soon that rule changed too. The first curfew was expected, it had been unofficial for years. If your kid hadn’t experienced adolescence and was out on the streets past 2 A.M., you knew everyone knew about them and how they were dealing smack or some shit on the streets. There weren’t many of ’em, of course. Why should there be? Half of them couldn’t tell shit from fuck, and it’s not like they get invited to parties or clubs ’cause we all know they can’t handle it. Kids who haven’t hit yet aren’t made to hold their liquor, they’re built to learn about it first, and then hold it. At least, that’s how it works here. But don’t get me wrong, we aren’t a party town or nothing, we just know how and where and when to hold our liquor and get our drugs, our few minutes of bliss.

The first curfew, if I remember correctly ’cause damn, that was a long time ago and I don’t remember much from back then, lasted for six months to the day. Yeah, that sounds about right, April through to October. No one was upset about it, ’cause having a kid who wasn’t an official teen yet out drinking and doing drugs was one of the bigger shameful acts in society. Everyone knew what would happen to them before they even got into senior school. They were destined to become drop outs, live with their parents forever, and if they were men, knock up countless women, and if they were women, get knocked up by countless men. That was just how society worked.

And so the story goes that six months later there was a new curfew. The time was bumped down to 1 A.M., and the age bumped up to 16. Even then, the terms were realistic. There were a few kids, if I remember which God knows I don’t but we’ll say I do anyway, who were out then who were at that age, but they were all wasted and shitfaced, and I mean to the point that if you looked at them even you wouldn’t know which way was up. The 1 A.M. curfew didn’t affect many though. I think the senior school had about 200 kids in its underclassmen grades, and the junior school had maybe 200 total as well. A lot of families with young kids were moving out, and had been for years ’cause to be quite honest, it wasn’t the best neighborhood around, especially not when it’s compared to the fucking Motherland, Gabe Hill, where we know all the prick fucks just do their drugs when their quadrillionaire parents are away in their fucking resorts on islands named after their most prized son or most popular daughter who got an A on their goddamn intelligence test.

No one really cared about the 1 A.M. curfew, or later the 12 A.M. curfew that kept kids under 18 off the streets. After that no one remembers much, and I know I don’t remember jack shit about nothing. I know that in that time I got fucked over really bad cause some day or another I woke up in some place I didn’t know with some sort of killer headache, but who knows what that meant, cause I sure don’t. The idea I think I heard go round once or twice was that they were bringing families closer together by making sure everyone stayed home. They wanted to keep kids off the streets, and keep drugs outta homes, though as far as I’m concerned that hasn’t come close to working yet.

Don’t ask me who ‘they’ is cause I don’t know. No one does for sure.

Now the curfew was 9 P.M. Anybody under 21’s had to follow it, and me and my friends were under 21 so we couldn’t be out much anymore. That didn’t keep us from getting our beer or our pot or smack or e or whatever we wanted. It was not hard to get, not hard to get at all. You just had to know the right people, and in a town where everyone knew most everyone, it wasn’t hard to know the right people.

I don’t think, before us, anyone ever really thought of breaking curfew. The idea made sense, and you were gonna get caught if you didn’t comply so there didn’t seem to be much of a point. And since we were out to party, at least me and my friends were, and with the curfew there weren’t any parties, and without the parties there was no reason to break curfew. It all fit.

But that night, or tonight as I guess we’ll call it for whatever poetic excuse, was the first party in a while. No one really knew (or knows) about it, and it was really just me and Jillian and Claira and Joe and Thom (yeah, we get that the ‘h’ is tacky, but that describes Thom in one word: tacky). Morgan said maybe, and when Morgan says maybe she means maybe.

No way was anyone going to get away with saying that this was a party that started before curfew and ran late cause everyone forgot to check the time. Besides the fact that checking time was automatic, instinctual, and we all practically had a digital watch built into our brains, this party wasn’t going to start until way after curfew.

The party was Claira’s idea, or maybe Joe’s, to hold the party, but definitely Jillian’s to start it at 12 when most everyone would either be completely out or asleep. We were all set with lists and shit and Thom was getting the booze (nothing too fancy, but no cheap shit either), Claira was responsible for getting some pot cause we didn’t want any hard drugs but high is always nice. I got some soda to mix with the booze and Jillian was hosting the whole thing. Morgan said that if she came she was only bringing her sex drive cause God knows if she ended up coming, she would be cumming too.


Hope you liked it, let me know in comments.  Don’t yell at me if you think it wasn’t really appropriate, it’s the online community so I can publish what I want, and there was a warning.



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