Killer Smile

Ahh . . . for now, anyway.

So, it has now been a ligitimately long period of time since I last posted, and no one’s hit the site in about five or six days, so I figure it’s time for a new post. 

Had my Science and English PBAs on Friday, plus Math Tutoring.  I suppose we’ll recap in chronological order then (which is actually reverse of the way I just listed them).

 First was Math, at freaking 10 in the morning.  I know, insane, especially when I get to choose when I go.  But that’s when a lot of my friends were going, and I’d rather go with them than people I didn’t know.  It was really pointless.  The only reason I (and most of my friends) went was to get the answers to the take home test that she’d given.  I think it was mandetory to go too . . . but she didn’t really make that clear, so it was kind of weird.  I did really badly, but I wasn’t actually taking it like a test or even really paying attention to it when I was taking it, so whatever. 

English was really easy, and I knew it would be.  It was just a cool discussion about my paper and what we were doing in class and stuff like that, just a one-on-one with my teacher who’s absoluely amazing (I promise you, she’d pwn any of your teachers anyday).  We also discussed my distaste for symbolism, and how I needed to just get over it.  Which I do, I guess.  I just don’t want to admit it.  It’s kinda like that one weird argument that you make for the sake of having something individual about you that’s just kinda weird.  My hate for symbolism is kind of that . . . anyway that’s besides the point.

Science was what I was really worried about anyway.  It was this paper that was an absolute minimum of 5 pages (as in 5 pages would get you a C, supposidly).  We had to do an in-depth research paper about a disease, and mine was Marfan Syndrome.  The hardest part, I think, was just conceptualizing all of the information that we needed for the paper.  Once you understood your disease and what was going on with it, both the paper and the discussion were really easy.  My paper ended up being 10 pages with 17 different citations (sorta), and our discussion went really well, so everything was good : )

Now I just have math and spanish to worry about, and film.  Well I’m not worried about math (not really, anyway), and I should be very worried about film but I’m actually not.  Spanish is getting to me, sort of.  I don’t think I’m going to do very well, and I really don’t want it to bring my grade down to a B.  I’m trying so hard to get my grade up to an A it’s ridiculous.  Call me a nerd if you will, but it’s really important to me.  The spanish department does their grades more mathmatically than any department in the school, so it’s really hard to boost your grade through things like participation, and there’s no benefit of the doubt.  If the numbers add up to an 89 (which they did for me last quarter), than you’re getting a B and there’s nothing you can really do about it.  It’s really ridiculous if you ask me, even though it kind of makes sense.  *sigh* whatever.

My computer’s fallend apart, and that makes me kind of really sad.  iTunes won’t play any music, and my iPod mini silver died on Thursday for once and for all.  I think I’m getting the classic today, which is a relief because I need my music!!!  I’ve been listening to ILYB all weekend, and even though I love it to death, variety is always nice.  Not only does iTunes not work though, but Sims won’t play, and my computer continuously says that I’m not connected to the internet, even though I clearly am because otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this right now. 

I wrote a little story a couple of days ago, so I think I’m going to post that right after I’m done typing this, and you can read it and say what you think or whatever.  If, of course, anyone actually reads this.  I hope they do though.  I’m still searching for the three more hits that make it 100 views.  Please guys (and girls)!!

Anyway, I think this is my longest post, probably because it’s been the longest gap of time in which I haven’t written anything.  There’s lots more stuff that I did, but it probably wouldn’t interest you.  I’m going to try and write the twenty-five more words necessary in order to make this entry 800+ words long.  Almost there . . .  YAY!  803 as of now.  Anyway, talk to you all later <3



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