Killer Smile

Holy Crap.

Oh my God.  I HATE SCIENCE.  Stupid PBA’s.  Yes, I left the science PBA until last minute . . . yes that was stupid yes I was sooo wrong.  It’s a freaking 10 page paper, and I’m totally stuck.   This is SO STUPID.  GRRRRRR.  *Frustrationfrustrationfrustration*

 On even worse news, RENT CLOSES 1 JUNE 2008!!!  I don’t know HOW this could’ve ever happened, it’s TERRIBLE news.  I’m planning on wearing all black tomorrow in mourning of.  Very very sad day :(

 And, on slightly better news, I’ve been casted as Auntie Em in The Wizard of Oz.  It’s a speaking role, so I’m happy with it.  Yay.  Okay, no more happy. 

School otherwise sucks, I’ve been spending the last few days not doing anything in attempts to say “well at least I’m not procrastinating, even if I’m not doing work either”.  My iPod is dead, I should charge it.  My love life is still reportedly unexistant, which sucks but whatever I don’t care enough to do anything about it ever.  I need a cold drink and a couple of days out of school.  I need SLEEP so bad it’s not even funny.  I need to talk to people who will actually help with this damned project.  I need to not actually have a history test tomorrow.  I need a life.  I need a lot of drugs to keep me sane.  I need help. 

Sorry this is sort of (okay, really really) whiney, but I have nothing positive to say at the moment.  As always, I’ll hope that someone may comment, but no one will.  Perhaps a couple of more poeple will look at this blog.  I’m at 97 views, and I really want to get to 100.  I’ll be very happy



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