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So . . .

It’s officially been a ridiculous amount of time since I last posted.  Okay, well two days, so not really, but it feels like a lot longer than that.  Not that much has happened, because we all know that nothing ever happens. 

Okay, maybe that’s kind of a lie.  A few things happened.

Friday was alright, we had Shabbat dinner with the Youth Group and then went to services.  It was a lot of fun, more fun than I expected it to be.  And, just as a minor reminder, it was a week since the Friday before (only some of you would know that significance), which was mildly amusing.  Ski Trip is officially the 22-24th of February, and I’m SO excited.  It’s in the middle of February break and it’s going to be *so* much fun. 

Saturday was Saturday.  Took a math take-home test in prep for the PBA . . . it was really easy and I had time to go over it about twice and still had at least fifteen minutes extra time left over.  That was my only real homework assignment due Monday, though I still have a lot of studying to do for other things. 

Saturday night we went to see . . . SPRING AWAKENING!  It was so much fun.  The one thing I really don’t like about the musical is that the songs don’t have ANY significance at ALL unless you hear them in the context of the musical, which sucks because it makes the music a lot less enjoyable.  It’s also a lot like watching porn . . . but that’s okay, right?  I mean, it’s Broadway.  There was hot blonde guy who made me really happy (he plays Ernst . . . and makes me really really happy), and we hugged the guy who played Moritz (no, it wasn’t Groff, who’d left the show, it was another guy who I liked just fine.  He too made me very very happy.  He plays Carl in LOST, which is pretty cool.  It only took us about fifteen mintues to figure out who Carl was on lost, as I didn’t actually watch the second half of the third season . . . whoops). 

I got new shoes.  They’re very pretty.

What was really weird was that before the show I saw the Beacon Ink teacher advisor on 42nd street walking into ESPN zone with who I’d guess was her boyfriend.  I didn’t say hi, but I’m nearly positive it was her . . . it was really creepy kind of.  I’m going to make it my duty to ask her on Thursday or whenever I see her.  Blehh I’m tired.

So today is Sunday.  This morning we watched West Bank Story in Jew school, it was pretty funny.  We discussed the stereotypes a bit but mostly talked about how impossible it was to come up with any sort of idea for peace in Israel/Palestine.  I know, very interesting.  And then I had lunch.  And now I’m sitting around doing nothing.  I really want to make plans with people for  PBA week but I don’t know who’s around when.

Something cool I did was I linked this blog to my Facebook page, so now all of my blog posts are automatically turned into Facebook notes, which I suppose is good because then *maybe* someone would read them, but I’d honestly rather up my page hits on the site here.  Besides, on Facebook they don’t get to see my pretty layout :) 

No shoutouts this post because no one’s commenting :'(  That makes me saaaaaaaad but oh well.  I get it, you’re all too busy and shit.  I haven’t talked to practically ANYONE and I think that all the people I have talked to are mad at me, except for guy-from-Youth-Group (since I don’t use names and all . . . though I figure all my friends know who I’m talking about anyway it doesn’t really matter . . . saying it that way was just an excuse to make me feel better I suppose.  Word I’m typing kinda fast and it’s making me happy and I don’t really want to stop but I know I have to end this sentance sometime wahhhh ugh okay I suppose I’ll do it NOW). 

So, four more days of school, then finals, then semester two (aka worst semester of all underclassmanship).



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