Killer Smile

Oh yeah?

Okay, well today was 100% uninteresting, except of course for English, Science, and After School (don’t ask why I capitalized that).  English I didn’t actually listen, like at all, but I wrote three monologues that I figure I’d share:


There is no ‘think’.  There just is or isn’t.  You do not ‘feel’, you don’t think that what is happening to you is good or bat, it IS good or it IS bad, and if it IS bad, then it is changed until it is good.  Bad will be eliminated at all costs.  We will live in goodness, we will live in strength.  Always.  So, son, decide.  Will you be good or will you be bad?


We need to rid ourselves of fear, child.  It’s all coming to an end, don’t you see?  Can you not understand?  this here, you, me, everything, will be gone.  We will cease to exist.  It will all be over.  And the best part?  Oh, the very best part?  We can’t do a goddamn thing about it.  How does that make you feel?  Hopeless?  You bet it does, kid.  You better believe it does.  There’s no changing now.


Oh my goodness.  Where are we heading now?  It could be anywhere, you know.  Maybe to France, I’ve always wanted to go to France, haven’t you?  The cheese, wine.  Oh the wine.  How wonderful would it be to drink again.  I’d like that, wouldn’t you?

Alright, so they aren’t really monologues so much as mini’s.  I still like them, and I’d love to put them in a play sometime.  I need to write a play, or at least something substantial.  I feel like my writing isn’t going anywhere.

Anyway, so science we made super E.Coli that’s resistant to antibiotic and now I’m terrified that I’m going to die from super E.Coli.  It was fun though.

I’d finish this blog properly, but I’m exhausted so I’m gonna take a nap before starting my homework.  Love to all.



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