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More Procrastination

Whoo.  So now I’m supposed to be writing a reflection for my English Creative PBA (for those that don’t know, PBA=Portfolio Based Assesment, or Preformance Based Assesment, or any other relating word beginning with ‘P’, and they’re our equivilant of finals, except a lot more work and a much bigger pain in the ass).  Of course, reflections are the easiest piece of bullshit ever invented, and I’m pretty sure all teachers know and agree with that statement, but however they are standard requirement and therefore simply MUST be completed.  So I’m completing. 

Speaking of English, of course my teacher was absent the day I was late because I was finishing the editing for HER essay.  Grrr she pisses me off sometimes.  But oh well, she’s still an amazing teacher.

My film for digital has really started to come together, though it pisses me off how slow everything moves in the shots vs. the very quick cuts, which make it all feel very off balance. 

Lmao.  “Juliet” by LMNT just started playing off my iTunes.  Remember that song?  Ugh, amazing.  I love it.  I’m such a loser.  Shutup. 

Math, Spanish, and Science were uneventful.  The usual boring crap that I don’t really listen to, you know?  Important Spanish quiz on Wednesday that I’m a little bit worried about but not too much.  We had the most bullshit quiz in Science today.  It was on the rubric for our final (yes, you heard me correctly).  So we all walked into class today and we were like shit lemme take one last read at that rubric and then stuff it away before he notices, and then my teacher goes “oh you’re allowed to use the rubric to answer the questions, I just want to see who still has the rubric and who doesn’t.”  So it was very what the fuck . . . but that’s how science is a lot of the time, even though it is a lot of fun.

Today I went to the mock Presidential Debate at my school.  It was alright.  It was entertaining since everyone was running over on their time and dissing all the other people, but otherwise I wasn’t really listening, which was probably a problem, lol.  I only went for the extra credit anyway.

Beat my high score on Jetman, won a few games of Solitaire more than usual, so I guess my areas of procrastination have been pretty sucessful lately which is very exciting. 

In order to create more progressive meathods of procrastination for myself, I’ve decided that I’m going to make it my job to help my closest friend become a happier person.  Currently she’s overloaded with work that she’s too smart for but isn’t acing like she should.  She flips out about lots of stuff and is quite unsatisfied, as far as I can tell.  Any suggestions?  I’m trying to get her to make a list of what she wants, but I think that my suggestions are beneath her, simply because I go to a not-so-elite school and don’t take everything quite so seriously and think all of her problems are ridiculous and can be fixed.  Not to say that any of the aformentioned details are false, but they are kind of unfair. 

Anyway, I suppose I’m out, for now.  Gotta finish this ‘reflection’.



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