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New Layout

I’m supposed to be essay-editing, so of course I’m avoiding it.  I’ve got a new layout!  Whoo!  I hope you all like it.  On the side is a bunch of stuff, but in particular I would like to point out my music widgit, which features a bunch of songs by The Format and the new iPod nano commercial song, which I like a lot, by Feist called 1234.  Unfortunately I couldn’t find any of the other music that I said I liked, so I did what I could . . .

I hope y’all are having a nice day, weekend, whatever.  PostSecret still hasn’t updated, which is mildly upsetting but I suppose I’ll get over it.  What does “afternoon” mean anyway?  Like, the stroke of noon, or a few seconds after?  Or is it like 12.05?  Perhaps ‘afternoon’ means 1.22, which is the time my computer says it is right now.  Alas, perhaps not, there’s still no update. 

I’m supposed to be online looking up the definition of ‘prudence’, but so much for that.  Anyone here care to explain to me what it means so that I can find another word to describe it with for this crappy assignment?  We just read 1984 (George Orwell, pretty good.  I like the whole philosophical feel to it.) and so we’ve taken the first part of the Declaration of Independence (there are too many fucking e’s in Independence, don’t you think?) and we’re supposed to re write it the way we’d say it, and then adjust it so it goes along with the ideology of 1984.  Which is interesting, but it’s turning us into a class of Winston’s (it was his job to rewrite old documents for the government so that everything ever written was always true to the present at any given moment).  Creative and all, but fucking time consuming.  And yeah, we could’ve done it in the two class hours we were given, and then I’d just have to type it up now . . . but I’m too lazy for that shit!  It’s not like we’re really being graded on this, I don’t think.  We’ve already got a huge essay due that we have to get back like a week after we hand it in, and it’s a little obvious that my teacher is a really slow grader . . . whatever.  I will stop being pissy and go finish this, besides, Dad just walked in from D.C.  We missed him, naturally.  So I’m gonna go.  Enjoy the new look!


Okay so I thought I’d posted this, but clearly I got distracted and somehow clicked save instead of publish.  Whoops.  Anyway, so I just dyed my hair.  And I think I’m going to post a picture because it’s absolutely beautiful, I think anyway. So here’s a pic: Hairdye I hope you like it, and ignore my face looking like crap please. I haven’t quite mastered the art of being a camera whore and to be honest my mom doesn’t have a great camera. Oh well.



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  1. * Anonymous says:

    i love u R for putting a picture up and the layout is pretty kickass 2

    | Reply Posted 11 years, 4 months ago

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