Killer Smile

Happy New Years

Well, there you have it.  Sorry I haven’t blogged in a while, I haven’t been up to it/haven’t found a spare moment.  Not much has happened though, so you haven’t missed out ; )  New Years was spent, as usual, up in New Paltz.  ‘Twas a blast (I’ll shout out to Jill and Craig.  Hey guys!).  Ohmygod who knew that there was a shortcut for strikethrough?  Sexayy.  Okay, sorry that was my fake-ADD kicking in.  New Paltz was great though, lots of junky food (my stomach is still feeling ill), and lots of movies (okay, two, Music and Lyrics and The Breakfast Club), ping pong (I lost every game.  Shutup), and air hockey (I won some games (score!).  Lots of fun had by all, I believe.

I got sick, but now I’m kind of better which is good.  However, the BEST news of this year is . . .

52 views on this page!!! YAY!

I’ll admit it, at first I didn’t think there would be many people coming here to look at this, maybe a few of my friends if I nagged them, but other than that not much.  I have been pleasantly surprised.  Thanks : ) I really appreciate it.  And if you comment, I’ll throw you a shout out, promise (though if you comment a lot I don’t think I’ll shout you out every time . . . that would get kind of tedious).  In that note– shout out to Aly for her comment, thanks loads (comments really do make my day).  Her blog is pretty sweet (linked in her name)– go check it out! 

In other news, school tomorrow.  Not particularly excited, but at the same time, not not excited, if you get my drift.  After today, our next day off is going to be PBA week (starts 18 January), which will not be fun.  But, you know, it’s still half-days that whole week so if anyone wants to hang please drop a comment and we’ll make plans.  I have a killer calender now, so I can write it all down (It’s Suicide Bunnies–ever heard of them?  They’re brilliant.  Very entertaining.)

 Anyway, I suppose that’s it for now.  Love to you all, and best wishes for New Years (I don’t have resolutions . . . I don’t really enjoy setting myself up for failure).



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