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Greetings, Earthlings

Life on Mars can, on occasion be very interesting.  Hence the creation of this blog.  Separated from, this is a new place for me to outlet my frustrations, mostly about love, and the pathetic teaching system at my NYC public school, but among other things it’s for me to say HELLO BITCHES.  I EXIST.  Whoopee!  Please comment, etc., though I have no idea how anyone in their right minds would ever find this blog.  Maybe I’ll tell them about it . . . the people I know I mean.  But then I’d have to go all Gossip Girl and be like “oh yeah and A told S that he liked her and then S told B who was like BITCH STOLE MY BOYFRIEND” and smoke and have dazzling black haircuts and act all French and suave, which I’m so not.  Do you think it’s possible to go all A/S/B and not be all suave and French?  Don’t get at me with stereotyping the French shit.  Life is stereotypes.  DEAL. 

So that’s life for now.  I’ll be back eventually, we’ll hope.



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